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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why Carbohydrates Are the Only Thing That Make You Fat

Many people think that to lose your weight you need to burn more calories.

This is not true. It also depends on what your body decides to do with those calories.

Take for example very skinny people that eat whatever they want yet remain skinny. We all know them. They are known in the bodybuilding community as hard gainers. There are studies where naturally thin people ate a surplus of 1000 calories a day for several months without gaining any weight.

Body fat is actually controlled by hormones. Mostly insulin.

All things put equal if you consume the same amount of calories, the person with the higher insulin will store the most fat.

Insulin holds the fat in the fat cells.

What raises insulin is carbohydrates. Starch and sugars.

Nutrition in Nature And Why Agriculture is Wrong

The usual advice for avoiding heart disease and to lose weight is to eat a low fat diet with plenty of whole grains and substitute vegetable oil fat (trans, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) instead of the animal fats (saturated).

This is false.

Nature isn’t stupid. It made us like salty, sweet and fat food for a reason, because this is where the nutrients are. In nature what is sweet is fruits and sometimes vegetables, and they are good for you. In nature what is fat and salty is animal fat.

And this is how we ate for millions of years. We ate no sugar, almost no starch and we ate a lot of animal fat. Almost 10 times as much as the today’s experts say we should. And back then, no one ever got heart disease or was fat.

If you look at pre-agricultural human remains, you can see that the thickness of their bones is better, they are taller, more robust and they have good teeth. Human health devolved when we adopted agriculture. We became short statured and tooth decay and infections became rampant.

You eat too much carbohydrates for years, your cells become resistant to the insulin that is created by all those carbohydrates that you ate, your body needs to produce more insulin to do its job, high level of insulin make you store fat like crazy, no matter the amount of calories that you eat or that you spend, you will store all those calories as fat.

Which Food Can I Eat to Avoid Having High Insulin?

The speed at which a particular food raises your blood sugar is measured by something known as the Glycemic Index (GI).

Table sugar has a Glycemic Index of 64

Coca cola has a GI of 63

Most vegetables, meats and nuts such as broccoli, spinach, coliflower, etc have a very low GI or even a GI of 0.

What about whole grains that the nutritionists recommend?

Whole wheat bread has a GI of 70

You want to eat food that have the lowest GI possible since that will raise your blood sugar the least and raise your insulin the least as well.

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