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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Protein Shake Recipes

Vanilla Cookie Dough with Carbs

1 sc. of vanilla flavored protein powder (20g)
2 eggs
1 cut apple without seeds
10 pecans
Chia Seed (optional for a change of taste and adds fiber)
Cinnamon (optional for a change of taste)
4 ice cubes
Add necessary water for blender to blend everything and for desired thickness. I don’t usually add any or a lot of water to this one because of the eggs that are already quite liquid.
Strawberry Vanilla with Carbs

1 sc. of vanilla flavored protein powder (20g)
5 frozen strawberries
Add water for blending and desired thickness
Vanilla-Chocolate (Low Carb Protein Shake)

1 sc. of vanilla flavored protein powder (20g)
1 scoop of chocolate flavored protein powder (20g)
10 Brazil nuts
Chia seeds (put how much you like)
4 ice cubes
Add some water to allow to blend well, then add some water after mixing for desired thickness.

Best Protein Shakes for Muscle Gain

I don’t think it makes a difference for muscle gain what kind of shake you take. I try to buy the powder with the less carbs and most healthy ingredients. What’s important is that you eat a lot and lift heavy weights. That’s all. So take the shake that taste the best or that you can afford. Eat a lot. Take a few shakes a day.

Protein Shake Before and After Work Out

I think it’s way better to work out on an empty stomach. I usually just have coffee before working out and if I can I’ll have a nice meal 3+ hrs before. I drink a protein shake after working out most of the time because it taste really good but for fat burning and for mixing it up purposes it’s better to wait one hour or more after working out to take your shake.

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