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Paleo Diet Menu is Great for Athletes

Thepaleo diet menu is perfect for athletes. It can be the great fuel for the athletes who will follow the competition. The paleo diet can make their performance upgraded into one level above. The paleo diet menu is good for the athletes since it can keep their health and give the energy they need to win the game. It will change the all aspects of the athlete bodies to win the game like performance, functioning, as well as endurance. They are the important factors which have to be owned by athletes to them always be in well performance. The paleo diet menu should be considered by the athletes for their best performance.

Paleo diet menu is a solution for athlete

The best diet menu for athletes today is paleo diet menu. This diet menu is the smart solution for the diet athlete since it can give the best result in doing their jobs as an athlete. Your body will work easier if you supply it with processed food. Processed food is a part of paleo diet menu. If the body is supplied with the processed food they do not need to work harder to digest the foods so it will safe the energy and the athletes can use it to win the game. So the paleo diet menu consists of the processed and healthy food.

If the athletes consume the paleo diet menu, it can make them get the highest level of performance since the paleo diet menu emphasize on the processed and natural food. If you are an athlete, you have to train well and regularly to keep your condition still good and in the peak performance. However, if your have trained well and regularly but you do not consume the proper diet, you`ll not get the best result. As an athlete, you need to combine the best training with the best diet. The paleo diet menu is the best diet for the athlete because it provides the paleo food.

The Special Paleo Diet Menu

Do you know about paleo diet menu? If it is the first time you know about it you may wonder about what kind of this diet, what have to eat in this menu for those who run this diet. Pale diet menu consists of foods which are not consisted of grains, peanut, vegetable oils which are processed, and processed foods.

 You know that grains are kinds of the big part of western standardization diets. It can be the strange ones for them who never eat it yet. If you make paleo diet menu plan, you have to make a new composition of your meals. They must include meats, eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. The paleo diet menu is different from other diets menu.

Paleo diet menu breakfast

You don`t need to be confused in choosing the paleo diet menu because there are many varieties of foods and meals on the paleo diet. You can find it in a lot of book cooks in the bookstores which discus the menu of paleo diet menu. Here the example of the paleo diet menu, especially for breakfast. In paleo diet menu breakfast (vegetables and oil) you needs to prepare the ingredients like 3 eggs, frozen cauliflower, frozen broccoli, frozen carrots, and the spice of organic vegetable. You can cook them easily by mix them together with the coconut oil and last add it with eggs. It can be your paleo diet menu for breakfast.

Paleodiet menu for breakfast above is the sample menu of the paleo diet. There is still other menu which you can try as long as they are not contained with the grains, peanuts, and so on. You will find that paleo diet menu is great and it is good for our body. By consuming the paleo diet menu regularly you can get your weight loss. So the paleo diet menu needs to be tried to keep out health.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What Is The Paleo Diet?

Real whole foods and another way to look at is is quote on quote eating clean. Which means eating things in their most natural state possible.

Are there any negative heath implications associated with this type of diet?

Answer? A Paleo Diet is the type of diet you can use forever. Very often people mistakenly think that you have to have grains in you diet this is not true. Recent research shows that this is not so, but we do need carbohydrates and the Paleo Diet is rich in carbohydrates because of the fresh fruits and vegetables, which is absent from grain sources of processed sugar.

FACT- A lot of people think that the Paleo Diet is a low carb diet but this is not true it is full of carbs from fruits and vegetable. Actually this diet probably has more carbs if you are filling in that void with natural fruits and vegetables. The great part about them is that they are nutrient rich. Just because carbohydrates are high does not mean they are good for you. So what you want is nutrient dense carbohydrates in food sources. One of the best results of using this diet is that you feel better and another great side affect is thay you may lose weight. When those saturated fats and processed sugars start getting replaced with natural ones your body just starts to feel better.

FACT- Inflammation sluggishness, and the feeling of being bloated all go away when you get on this diet. All of these ailments that are associated with eating processed foods. When this is taken out of the diet people feel better.

Question – If I wanted to get started on a diet like this where would I turn. Well I will steer you in the right direction. I started this blog to share my expericene with more people and if you want to learn the secret diet of our ancient ancestors order this $20 dollar eBooks now lose that weight impress your frineds by losing weight with the Paleo Diet.

Paleo Meatballs – And Paleo Recipes Nature Intended?

If your here searching for Paleo Meatballs then your headed in the right direction for a dietary health plan. In this blog you will find a link not only to a recipe for Paleo Meatballs but hundreds of Paleo recipes to get you great shape and health like our ancient ancestors.

Eating a Paleo Diet is the way that nature intended us to eat which is healthy. The Paleo Diet is not just a diet you can use to achieve a common goal but a diet that can be used to achieve the greatest health imaginable. Our diet after millions of years has been detached from the food that nourished us in nature that allowed us to become ahighly evolved species. It seems as of today the junk we put in our body in hopes of nourishment (because of the low nutritional value) it seems that we ought to be in a full swing backwards back to the lesser life form from which we descended.

I was once myself a victim of this Russian Roulette game, but I was playing all by my self. Eating any and everything a person put in front of me. Then one day I looked at myself and I was obese as Della Reese. I only ate filth because it tasted good but was not good for me,and my blood pressure and cholesterol was up like the stock market in 1996.

I tried several diets that did not do the trick, also expensive trips to the doctor to no avail then one day I found it. I have always been fascinated with our ancient relatives. Then one day I stumbled upon a book containing Paleo Diets And Recipes.

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What is The Paleo Foods Diet?

The Paleo Foods Diet

ThePaleo Food Diet is a diet of foods that are simple, basic and nutritional. The foods are natural and do not need a lot of added ingredients. The Paleo Diet is a healthy diet promoting natural weight loss based on foods that were eaten during the Paleolithic era by our cavemen ancestors.

The belief is that the original diet of humans was mostly consisting of meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts and seeds so that is what the Paleo Diet is basically based on. The meat can be either fish, fowl or animal. The diet is gluten, dairy, soy and preservative free. It is packed with healthy natural, unprocessed foods.

Since the Paleo diet is packed with wholesome natural pure foods it is very low in carbohydrates and very similar to the diet of the ancient cavemen. This diet has been helping to improve the performance of athletes for over ten years and one of the most interesting diets in recent years. The Diet has also been shown to be instrumental in lowering cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels, contributed to healthy weight loss and also to normalize limpid profiles.

The Paleo diet can infinitely be customizable to YOUR individual needs and goals.

Calories and diets never work the same for everyone. Foods are ingested and metabolized differently in every body , so this is a diet that can be easily adapted to your individual taste and function, however, since the Paleo foods that are suggested for this diet are foods that were designed for the human body and since we have been tested to be genetically at least 99.9% the same as the ancient cavemen, it is an educated guess that since they were hardy, physically fit fellows ,we should consider eating the same type of foods as they did if we want to function at our most optimum efficiency.

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My Favorite Cookbooks

I once received the following love-life advice from a psychic (so you can take it for what it’s worth). When you find someone you really like, and want to be sure they return the sentiment, cook them a stew. As you chop and assemble the ingredients, concentrate on putting love into it, just like you do the meat and vegetables. If it`s meant to be, the other person will eat the meal and wham, bam, thank you ma’am, true love is born. One part dinner, one part love potion. While I can’t vouch for the efficacy of the technique in landing a spouse, there is a little nugget of truth there.

Cooking is more than just throwing ingredients into a pot. It is one part art, one part passion. The act of chopping, stirring, and creating a meal from scratch is deeply satisfying. In some ways a little bit of love goes into every pot — especially when cooking with family and friends. If you don’t feel a little passion for food when you cook, maybe you need to find some way to incorporate some. If you can’t muster any culinary love, do yourself a favor and marry someone who does — you’ll eat much better. :-)

What brought to mind my unusual psychic encounter and the subsequent contemplation of food and passion? I was trying to figure out why I loved my favorite cookbooks. Have you ever read a cookbook cover to cover? I have, but not very often. The cookbooks that I have actually treated like a book rather than a recipe reference are the ones I keep coming back to. What makes them so good? It’s the passion for food. The zest for, well, zest, that differentiates the ordinary cookbook compiler from the great cookbook writer.

Anyone can throw together a book of recipes. Put a good index in it and if someone needs to know how to bake a bundt cake, they’ll know where to go. Add some good pictures and you may catch my attention a little longer. Take the time to tell me why something works, what you did wrong or really liked, why a specific recipe is special to you — in short put yourself into it — and I know that those are recipes I want to make. Those are the ones I always go back to. So what are my current favorites? I’ll list three below. One I have been using for over a year regularly. The other two are very new for me, but I already love them.

1) 660 Curries by Raghavan Iyer Review

This is must have for anyone wanting to explore Indian cooking. You can tell by the curled cover and random post-its sticking out, that it is well-loved. The recipes are the author’s family recipes, friends’ family recipes, and old family recipes from random people he met while creating the book. These are old school Indian recipes, but the author makes them contemporary, and even includes a section of fusion cooking —- mixing his Indian heritage with his very american upbringing. The recipes are interspersed with personal anecdotes and information on the origin of many of the recipes. The multitude of spice blends in the beginning chapters alone is worth the cover price. The smell of store-bought spices has nothing on a fresh ground masala blend. I didn’t do an official count but I’d bet at least half of the 660 recipes are paleo or could be easily adjusted.

2) All About Roasting: A New Approach to a Classic Art by Molly Stevens Review

The beginning chapters cover the basics of roasting and talk about the different techniques for roasting and how and why each does what it does. I learned more about roasting meat and veggies after a half hour than I’ve learned in the last 38 years. It also includes sections on roasting fish, vegetables, and fruit. The recipes are fairly simple and let properly roasted food take the center stage. The author’s passion for roasting (and good real food in general) comes across. I wish there were photos for all of the recipes, but the photos that are there are beautiful. I’ve used a couple of techniques I’ve learned already and will definitely be pulling this out a lot.

3) Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan Review

This one is hot off the presses and just came out this month. Well Fed has it all — great pictures, good recipes, and commentary that is as entertaining as it is informative. Plus the layout is fabulous. There is a “notes” section on each page (no more squeezing notes in the margins) and references for which other dishes in the cookbook go well with it. The cookbook features favorites from her website plus a few recipes that don’t seem to be on her site.

The chocolate chili recipe I reviewed yesterday was hers. I tried the mayonnaise recipe (I’m still determined to find a good paleo mayonnaise!). I had problems getting mine to thicken properly, but the flavor was pretty good, so I’m going to work on my technique some more. I already have a number of recipes bookmarked and on my list of “must-makes” including the Moroccan meatballs and Jicama “Potato” Salad.

You can download a free 30 page pdf sampler of the cookbook on her website. There aren’t many recipes in the sampler, but you get a great sampling of her writing and the full table of contents. A number of the recipes are available on her website if you want to give them a try first. The cookbook includes alternate ways of making things and suggested items to pair it with so its worth the purchase if you like what you see.

There is a pdf version available as well as athe print copy. When you buy a print copy, you get a code to get the pdf copy for only $1 more. Do your self a favor and get the print copy. I’m not super happy with the pdf version because it shows two pages at a time and prints out at 11×17. It’s nice because you can see facing pages as if you are looking at the open book, but its hard to view on the screen without increasing magnification and scrolling. If thats not a problem for you, it may be a good option because it does cost half of the print price. It drove me nuts though and I ended up printing the whole thing on 11×17 paper and then cut the pages apart and punched and assembled it in a binder. Its good enough for now, but I may end up splurging and getting the shiny, pretty print version eventually. And it really is a very pretty well laid out book. Hard to believe it is self-published.

Paleo Chocolate Chili Recipe Review

Paleo Chocolate Chili
I’ve never liked beans — of any kind. Black, pinto, lima, whatever the hell kind of beans are in baked beans — doesn’t matter I can’t stand them. I’ve spent the last 3 years trying to teach myself to like the darn things because they are super healthy, right? Lentils and I finally reached a level of mutual toleration when I was introduced to paleo. Imagine my joy to discover that the things were actually bad for you — Ha! Take that pesky beans!

Of the foods I’ve never been able to enjoy, chili ranked pretty high on the list. I could have made a beanless chili before, of course, but it seemed wrong. I stumbled across a chocolate chili on The Clothes Make the Girl’s website. Perfect! It contained two of my favorite things: chocolate and anything other than beans.

To call it chocolate chili is a bit of a misnomer. Although unsweetened cocoa powder is a flavoring ingredient, there is no chocolatey taste.

I pretty much followed her recipe for this as written. The only thing I did differently was to reduce the amount of chili powder from 2 Tbsp to 1.5 Tbsp. I cannot even imagine eating it with 2 Tbsp. I do not have a super high tolerance for spicy hot foods and at 1.5 Tbsp my mouth was on fire. If you prefer milder chili, start out with 2 tsp to 1 Tbsp pf chili powder first.

Overall I give the recipe 2 thumbs up. I’ve eaten it for the last three days and it is even better on the second and third days. I like to top it with fresh chopped onion. Today I added a side of oven baked sweet potato fries. Yummy combo!

Paleo Diet Recipes and Paleo Meal Plans

Paleo Meal Plans

Do you want to go on a diet? 

You would expect at all to have the ideal body. Many ways can be done and everything can be in control. One of these is diet. You must have been on a diet by reducing the number of foods that contain fat, high protein, and carbohydrates. All food must be cut in your life. however, how do you get the energy? If all these foods contain less energy, you even leave for a while. You’ll feel weak at all in living activities. You are not satisfied with the service these diets. Instead, you can not reduce all the food contains energy. You need energy to move the work, think, and so forth. You can use some other means that have no effect by reducing the portions. If you reduce the portion of food or energy. Then your body will experience a shortage and harmful to your body.

During this time, everyone is familiar with the activities of the named diet. They provide an understanding that the diet is not eating foods that contain carbohydrates such as rice, bread, wheat and so forth. I have the best recipe for getting the perfect diet. You can use the paleo diet recipes. This is the best recipe book is perfect for preparing food. You can eat meat, rice, bread and so forth without having to think about your weight. This recipe book is perfect and very different from other cookbooks. This book will provide a variety of ways to cook foods containing high fat, high protein and high carbohydrate. You can enjoy it all with pleasure. Therefore, please buy the paleo diet. You will get a perfect diet and does not reduce your meal portions. you don`t need to worry because its only in the form of a recipe book and instructions to cook healthy meals. You can do the cooking themselves without providing a variety of other dishes.

You can see the paleo diet sites online. There are a lot of information about this diet cookbooks. You will be described how to cook meat well, a good cook rice, and cook other side dishes. It aims to create the ideal body and posture of your dreams. This dish is suitable for all ages. You can cook without age limit. Parents also can go on a diet for the good of his body in the old days. In the book there are lots of recipe paleo diet food list. You can view and select your favorite foods. lots of delicious food that is served. you simply provide the ingredients and start cooking. In this book there are also many, many ways to cook vegetables and assorted snacks or small meals. You must buy the book to support your body’s health. this day and age, obesity diseases can strike anyone, including you. you definitely don`t want to have a huge body with the risk of death.

Obesity Excessive very dangerous to your survival. one way to prevent this is by buying this book. Books can be brought anywhere. You can take all the benefit from this book. In addition, paleo recipes are already in use by many people. They say that the book has a magic recipe. They said that initially did not know that this is a recipe for a diet book. They assume that this is a normal cookbook. You have to try and prove that the cuisine is very delicious to the diet. You definitely will not face the stress with diet like this. There are many ways that can be done and you need not despair. You can take a lot of profit and maximum results after follow all these cookbooks. You can get a paleo diet menu in various processed forms of the best Paleo diet recipes.Hopefully you can be successful on a diet with this recipe book. you should try it and prove it now!
P.S. Please, check out the Paleo Recipe Book, created by Sebastien Noёl. It contains 370+ original paleo recipes and covers all you’ll ever need for healthy lifestyle


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Paleo Recipe Book Review

My Paleo Recipe Book Review

In the 21st century, we hardly get to follow elaborate and nutritious diet plans. Let’s face it, one simply doesn’t have the time to browse through a variety of cookbooks and come up with a suitable diet plan that is not only good for your health and ideal for your figure, but also somehow tastes delicious.

It is next to impossible to find a recipe that has all three qualities. The Paleo recipe book puts an end to this dilemma. This Paleo Recipe Book review will tell you how.

Click to visit the Paleo Recipe Book site

The Paleo Recipe Book has wonderfully simple recipes that are not only easy but also revolve around a wonderful Paleolithic diet plan. Using only the very basic ingredients believed to be used by the Paleolithic Man, these recipes aim to provide us with nutritious meals that are not only beneficial for your health but also extremely tasty.

What’s more, the E-book saves you from the hassle of sitting down and rifling through it page by page. You can simply download the book to your laptop and phone and have it with you at all times, whether you`re cooking at a friend’s place or going out to buy the ingredients you require. This Paleo Recipe Book review aims to motivate those people who do not have time or resources but yet want a simple solution to improve their diets.

If the search for a delicious yet effective diet plan brought you to this Paleo Recipe Book review, you`ve come to the right place. For those who have grown weary of vegetable diets and want to eat meat and poultry, the Paleo recipes will come as a relief, for nearly all the recipes consist of these core ingredients. This puts an end to your “stick to vegetables” dilemma, for you can now enjoy an extravagant meal without worrying about excessive calories or fat. This does not mean the book doesn’t contain some amazing salad, stew and appetizer recipes, too.

Not only that, for those of you who like your food to be on the spicy or tangy side, the book also offers recipes for sauces, dips, marinades and condiments. In short, the book covers all you could possibly want to try, from smoothies and shakes to desserts, breakfasts, seafood and steaks, all cooked in a way that is utterly beneficial for your health and yet tasting heavenly at the same time.

Paleo Recipe Book Review – Some Bonus Materials

Now for the bonus exploration part of this Paleo Recipe Book review. The book comes with some bonus mini books.

First there is a herb and spice booklet that comes with information about every spice you have in your kitchen, from the very basic salt to the more complex sage and paprika. This book not only tells you how to bring out the best in your meals using these spices but also their nutritional value and benefits.

Other bonus booklets include a dessert recipe book, a Paleo diet plan information booklet, and a booklet with some very simple and basic meals that can be cooked quickly.

Paleo Recipe Book Review – Bottom Line

The Paleo Recipe Book is a lifesaver, it not only saves you the hassle of lugging around huge recipe books with fattening recipes; it helps you explore a simple yet elegant way of traditional cuisine.

Best Paleo CookBook Review – Is It Worthwhile?

The Best Paleo Cookbook Review

Nowadays, it is next to impossible to come up with a diet plan consisting of healthy and nutritious diets that are not only simple to follow but also delicious enough to make you stick to them. The Paleo Cookbooks by Nikki Young take care of this problem wonderfully.

Based on the idea of the Paleo diet, these books consist of recipes that comprise of simple yet tasty meals, ranging from appetizers to main courses, sauces to garnishing, all very easy to make. The Paleo diet plan derives from the ancient diet of the Paleolithic human beings, who ate simple yet nutritious food in a way that it was not only enjoyable but also beneficial for the health without being fattening or harmful.

This Paleo Cookbook review is written keeping diet conscious food enthusiasts in mind, who want to get the best from their meals while remaining physically fit. If you fit this description, the Paleo Cookbooks are for you.

If you were searching for the perfect diet plan and were brought to this Paleo Cookbook review, your dilemma is over. Both the modern Paleo Cookbooks: The “21st Century Hunter- Gatherer” and “Paleo Eating for Modern People” contain wonderfully simple recipes for every dietary product you were missing out on with your routine diet plans. Meat, poultry, seafood and even all sorts of vegetables have been given a place in these Paleo Cookbooks. While nearly all other diets will limit you to certain kinds of food, these recipes will help you bring out the best in every meal you have.

The books start off with snacks, moving through appetizers like salads and soups, and onto the main courses containing meat other core ingredients. Wonderfully enough, the books also help you make your own sauces and desserts from scratch.

All the recipes in the Paleo Cookbooks consist of very basic ingredients, keeping the Paleolithic diet in mind. And talking of ingredients, another plus when it comes to the Paleo Recipe Book is that all the recipes comprise of very basic ingredients, avoiding any complexities or fancy spices.

This Paleo Cookbook review especially aims to motivate diet conscious people to buy the book. For people looking to lose weight or stay in great shape, something very beneficial about the recipes in the Paleo Cookbook is that none of them contain a lot of dairy products. Dairy products were not a part of the ancient man’s diet, and hence these carefully researched and compiled recipes do not use any fattening dairy ingredients, using mainly just clarified butter, which you are also taught to create from scratch.

If you are particularly careful about your diet but also like to experiment with food, you probably know how hard it is to come across a diet plan cookbook that lets you experience all kinds of cuisine without ruining your physique.

Something that you will greatly appreciate about these Paleo Cookbooks is how handy their E-book format makes them, you can have these cookbooks in your phone or computer at all times, no matter where you are. The books also come with additional bonus booklets; a four ingredient recipe book that gives you 65 recipes consisting of four main ingredients, and a 30 day meal plan to get you going.

The Best Paleo Cookbook Review – Bottom Line

To anyone reading this Paleo Cookbook review I would suggest buying the book, it will do wonders for your diet and bring lots of flavor to your meals.

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Paleo Diet Infographic

I thought that this infographic did an excellent job of explaining the state of the average person’s diet and how that related to the paleo diet. This is very elegantly explained below. Check it out here:

Paleo Crisis: To Veg or Not To Veg

When I decided to give the paleo diet a try, my biggest question was “Do I stay vegetarian or not?” I know many vegetarians who successfully switch to a paleo diet but my biggest problem is that I’m a chronic on-again-off-again vegetarian (currently hovering in the “semi on” state) so when push comes to shove… I usually get pushed. I know that without a clear commitment, I will have decided to go back to meat. And if I go back to meat I’ll probably devolve into eating it at every meal (even if at first I say it’s “just once in a while”) and then I’ll end up stuffing my face with McDonalds quality meat. That’s not going to end well.

So, as part of my commitment to have a clearly defined paleo diet meal plan, here are the guidelines I’m putting in place,

Vegetarian is the default: whenever there are options choose vegetarian.

There is never an excuse for a meat “snack”: chomp on some nuts, carry around an apple, or even drink water to pass the time until I can get my hands on some veggie food.

If given the choice between a paleo meat and non-paleo vegetarian food, opt for the meat. If it’s possible to remove the meat and still have a healthy, sustaining meal do so. If not, eat only a small portion of meat.

If given a choice between non-paleo meat (for instance a hot dog) and non-paleo vegetarian options (for instance, beans or pasta), go vegetarian. Not being able to keep paleo is not an excuse to abandon the veggies!

If I eat meat more than 3 times (times, not days) in a week, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart with myself about what’s going wrong.

A completely vegetarian, healthy, nourishing, sustainable paleo diet is the ultimate goal.

Paleo Diet Meal Plan

So you want to get fit, eat healthy, and feel better? Humans have been around for a really long time and modern farming hasn’t. Maybe our bodies work better with a different diet. If you’re here, you may have already determined that the paleo diet is right for you. So now what? If you’re like me, the theory part is easy. A paleo diet mea lplan helps us turn the theory into practice.

When I start any new program, whether that’s an exercise program, a healthy eating diet, or even a commitment to read more books, I consume tons and tons of information. In just a few days (or sometimes in an all-night binge), I become an expert on the subject. I can probably explain in depth to you the pros and cons of most diets and exercise programs out there. But do you know what is hard for me, finding explicit instructions on what to do. I’m not an expert so I need someone to tell me exactly what exercises to do and how to do them. Or in our case, which foods to eat and how to prepare them.

A paleo diet meal plan can help you start strong and will set you up for success.

Paleo may be a funny sounding word but the foods that comprise the diet are not so strange at all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally eat emu and kohlrabi (I don’t even know what kohlrabi is!), but I do know what steak, chicken, apples, apricots, and spinach are. You can get a list of paleo foods here.

I had the same hesitations when I first heard about the paleo diet. Turns out there’s a whole lot of food–and tasty food!–that fits in with a paleo diet meal plan. Now, if you go a 12-hour road trip, don’t pack any food, and find yourself famished six hours in, it might take some work to put together a fulfilling meal at a gas station convenience store. Thankfully, much paleo food is portable.

Fruits and vegetables don’t require cooking or refrigeration and thus make excellent choices for paleo food on the go. If it’s paleo and vegetarian, it’s probably quick, easy, and portable… find some fruits and veggies you like and stock up! With a little planning, you can take meat on the road as well. A room temperature steak probably doesn’t taste so good but a salad topped with chicken might (make sure you eat it within four hours!). If you’re going somewhere with a refridgerator (or at least a cooler), you can take more meat on the road with you.

For the office workers and cubicle junkies out there, plan ahead, prepare your lunch the night before, store it in the fridge and bring it to work with you. You may get some funny looks, but you’ve got to admit, explaining persimmon is a good conversation starter!

Paleo Cookbooks - Recipes for the Paleo Diet

Ok this is all well and good. But now it’s time to stop reading and starting eating. But where to start? After some searching, I found the perfect combination: Nikki Young put together two paleo cookbooks AND a 30-day meal plan to help you get started. The Paleo Cookbooks are used and endorsed by world record holders, Crossfit coaches, and people from all walks of life.

Take a look at the product and see what other folks are saying.

Welcome to The Best Paleo CookBook

Hello there and welcome to TheBest Paleo CookBook. I created this blog to provide you with information to help you get started on the paleo diet. I’ll point you in the direction of some delicious paleo diet recipes and even include some information on the paleo diet for athletes. Seesh, just saying it over and over again is making me hungry!

I’ve experimented with all sorts of diet plans: I’ve been vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian (yes, that’s a real thing), a raw foodie. I’ll be honest: most days, I’m a eat-whatever-I-can-find-in-the-house-or-quickly-acquire. It’s not going so well for me and so I’m looking for something different, something better. I pushed back against the Adkins craze and the war on carbs for years but you know what, there might be something there. Breads, and muffins, and bagels, and donuts, and cakes, and yes even bread, just doesn’t feel healthy. I can’t explain it other than a feeling. It’s not that I think breads (and other paleo no-nos) are unhealthy, it’s just I think there’s better stuff out there. And that’s what first got me interested in the paleo diet.

Ok, enough of me for now.