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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How Come No One Knows That Carbs Are Bad

It’s because of fake and altered studies that some greedy scientists made to win prizes and get more funding.

One of them is Ancel Keys in the 1950s. He made a study that compared animal fat consumption with heart disease in a dozen of countries. He found out that the more animal fat the country consumed, the more heart disease they had. The only problem is that he left out a bunch of countries that eat a lot of animal fat and have a very low rate of heart disease like Holland and Norway and he also left out a bunch of countries where they don’t eat much animal fat and have a high rate of heart disease such as Chile.

He had data from 22 countries and the results were completely random but he decided to throw away the data that didn’t match the high fat/high heart disease trend and he published his study.

He was published in Time Magazine and he became known as the father of the Lipid Hypothesis which says that:

Saturated fat raises cholesterol
Cholesterol causes heart disease

This theory is wrong. It is a myth. Yet somehow it extrapolated and has become common knowledge for most people.

Let’s look at point 1. Saturated fat raises cholesterol. Real Studies show that people eating a low fat diet over decades get just as much heart disease as people eating a normal diet.

Let’s look at point 2. Cholesterol causes heart disease. If you look at people that have heart disease, some of them have high cholesterol and some of them have low cholesterol. A famous heart surgeon called Michael Debakey compared the medical records of more than 1700 of his own patients. He found no relationship between high cholesterol and heart disease.

Fake Lipid Hypothesis Data

If you want more HDL the last thing you need is a lot fat diet. 27 studies showed that eating saturated fat raises your HDL.

How Heart Disease Is Actually Created:

First of all, not all LDL is bad. There are 2 types of LDL: Small dense LDL (type B LDL) are the most harmful and other type (the less dense ones) aren’t harmful at all.

Heart problems begin when your arteries become damaged or inflamed. LDL then does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It brings cholesterol to help the healing process.

But if small LDL becomes damaged by oxidation it can penetrate the wall of the artery. If the inflammation and oxidation continue a plaque begins to form on the artery. Now you have heart disease.

So If Small LDL Causes Heart Disease, Does Eating High Fat Creates Small LDL?

No. What causes small LDL to create is carbohydrates. Elimination of grains, starch, sugars and overall carbohydrate restriction in the diet provokes a big drop in small LDL particules.

Why Does Cholesterol Gets all the Blame?

Studies show that smoking, elevated blood sugar and stress causes inflammation and damages the arteries. It also shows that it raises cholesterol. It seems that scientists decided to point the finger at cholesterol over and over and ignore the results of their studies.

Why so Much Dishonesty From Scientists?

In the 1970s, the Lipid Hypothesis was still in dispute. A senate comity headed by George McGovern decided to settle the issue. At the time McGovern was following the Pritikin Diet and believed that everyone should be cutting off on fat and cholesterol even though 8 studies including 5000 people failed to provide any evidence that diet has anything to do with heart attack.

After the McGovern report was issued assistant secretary Carol Tucker Foreman of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) believed in the low fat diet and wanted to issue official guidelines to tell everybody how to eat.

After this, politicians believed in the low fat diet and it became impossible for researchers to get funding for studies that proved the low fat diet wrong.

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