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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paleo Diet Menu to Live a Healthy Life

There are many books about Paleo Diet menu based on researches that have been written by many authors. Among the books, one of the best one is written by Loren Cordain. He based the books he wrote on his research about the diet menu done by human ancestors. This kind of diet was done when humans at Neolithic Period begun changing their diet because of agricultural practices influences. However, they did not include grains as the part of their diet. Cordain tried to do Paleo diet review based on this fact. The grains were introduced just about 10.000 years ago. And Paleo Diet menu tried to adapt the menu they were eaten at that time.

Paleo Diet menu is getting popular since the diet menu consumed by most people today is filled with food additives and artificial food. In fact, these food additives and artificial food have a great impact in our health. They cause many diseases that attack most modern civilization. Among the diseases are diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart attack. Cordain believed that the paleo diet will reduce the risk of getting such disease. Of course, humans must be disciplined in consuming paleo diet foods to prevent them from having these diseases. Paleo Diet menu may become your solution to live a healthy life.

Basically, Paleo Diet menu is to consume foods that are free from chemical and additives materials. In order to be successful in doing this low-carb diet menu, you must have paleo diet plan. You must restrict yourself in consuming some foods, such as sugar, grains, salt, legumes, dairy products, processed foods, coffee and alcohol. And so does potatoes. Most potatoes now have carbohydrate content that is higher than those at Stone Age Period. You must be very careful in selecting what foods that you should and should not eat when doing Paleo Diet menu.

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