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Monday, July 1, 2013

Paleo Diet Baking: Hazelnut Flour

Place this phenomenal nut flour into your Paleo Solution arsenal for healthier living! Just like its amazing cousin almond flour, hazelnut flour is superior to wheat flour and rice flour because it has a lower glycemic index, higher protein content, and vastly superior trace nutrient profile. Sweeter and slightly coarser than its cousin almond flour, hazelnut flour will have you drooling Dogue-de-Bordeaux-style every time you eat it. Hook yourself up with some delicious hazelnut flour breads, pancakes and treats, and you’ll spice up your Paleo Solution menu with what is sure to be a favorite for years to come! Here’s the lowdown on why hazelnut flour is so damn good for you, and why you should include it in your paleo food list:


The hazelnut is the seed of the hazel, and is native to Europe and Western Asia. Turkey is by far the largest producer in the world (~75%). Italy, Iran, and the Northwestern US are very active in harvesting hazelnuts also.

Nutritional Comparison

Check out these tables and you’ll see exactly why hazelnut flour is nutritionally superior to other more traditionally used types of flour:

Macronutrients (Source: USDA)

Vitamins and Minerals (Source: USDA)


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Hazelnut flour stays fresh for awhile (~6 months) as long as it is sealed properly. Store your hazelnut flour in glass jars to avoid having endocrine disrupting hormones from your plastic containers contaminate your hazelnut flour. Refrigeration also helps to keep your hazelnut flour fresh.

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