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Saturday, May 25, 2013

What is The Paleo Foods Diet?

The Paleo Foods Diet

ThePaleo Food Diet is a diet of foods that are simple, basic and nutritional. The foods are natural and do not need a lot of added ingredients. The Paleo Diet is a healthy diet promoting natural weight loss based on foods that were eaten during the Paleolithic era by our cavemen ancestors.

The belief is that the original diet of humans was mostly consisting of meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts and seeds so that is what the Paleo Diet is basically based on. The meat can be either fish, fowl or animal. The diet is gluten, dairy, soy and preservative free. It is packed with healthy natural, unprocessed foods.

Since the Paleo diet is packed with wholesome natural pure foods it is very low in carbohydrates and very similar to the diet of the ancient cavemen. This diet has been helping to improve the performance of athletes for over ten years and one of the most interesting diets in recent years. The Diet has also been shown to be instrumental in lowering cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels, contributed to healthy weight loss and also to normalize limpid profiles.

The Paleo diet can infinitely be customizable to YOUR individual needs and goals.

Calories and diets never work the same for everyone. Foods are ingested and metabolized differently in every body , so this is a diet that can be easily adapted to your individual taste and function, however, since the Paleo foods that are suggested for this diet are foods that were designed for the human body and since we have been tested to be genetically at least 99.9% the same as the ancient cavemen, it is an educated guess that since they were hardy, physically fit fellows ,we should consider eating the same type of foods as they did if we want to function at our most optimum efficiency.

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