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Friday, September 6, 2013

1000 Paleo Recipes Review

1000 paleo recipes
There have been many different diets to hit the scene in the last 20 to 30 years. The Sugar-Busters Diet, The Zone Diet, The High Carb Diet and many more have come and gone. Many people swear by a low to no carb diet and expound its’ virtues every chance they get. Some praise the Macrobiotic Diet made famous by the Japanese and by actor Dirk Benedict. The 1000 Paleo Recipes Collection is firmly entrenched in the no-carb camp with many different recipes to utilize. Where does the term “Paleo” come from? To answer that question we’ll go back a few million years. 


Paleo” is short for the word “Paleolithic” which is the factual name for the more commonly used “prehistoric era” or “caveman era”. One of the nicknames for the Paleo Diet is the Caveman Diet that encompasses no carbs to be eaten. Author Ray Audette wrote one of the first books about the Paleo Diet in 1999 that was called “NeanderThin”. In that book, Audette describes the mindset behind the Paleo Diet in relation to food selection being could you visualize a caveman eating the selection in the tundra and could it be edible wild? With those guidelines set in place, many dieters took to the Paleo Diet with vigor and lost many pounds in the process. Many people reported that the Paleo Diet curbed their Diabetes as well.

Which leads us to the 1000 Paleo Recipes Collection in the present day. The "1000 Paleo Recipes" is a wonderful collection of 15 e-books (+2 bonuses). This collection can be downloaded straight to one’s computer to view any e-book in its’ entirety (or with your smartphone or tablet). This saves on shipping costs because there’s nothing to ship. The "1000 Paleo Recipes” contains 1000 (!) different recipes to keep even the most eclectic taste buds satisfied. This collection contains 15 e-books and lots of color photos of the finished dishes. 

Recipes are broken down in 15 different categories, these categories are: Chicken Recipes, Appetizer And Finger Food Recipes, Side Dish Recipes, Red Meat Recipes, Hot And Cold Veggie Recipes and 10 other categories. Each recipe contains detailed step-by-step instructions and the photo of finished dish.

This collection also comes with a complete Paleo Quick-Start Guide. This is a great addition for anyone who needs to make sure that his or her comes in the line with Paleo diet. Also you can get for free 31 Paleo Desserts recipes.

In conclusion, this collection is a great value for anyone who is interested in the Paleo Diet. With full-color pictures of completed dishes and concise recipes, the writers really make it easy for novices in the kitchen. The number of recipes and the included extras will really make it almost foolproof for anyone to achieve success with this diet.

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